We aren’t order takers, we’re problem-solvers, so our process is high-touch.

By speaking with and walking you through each step, we’ll determine exactly what you need at this phase of your business – nothing more, nothing less.
Step 1

Reach out

Everything you need is on our contact page, promise we make it easy.

Step 2

You talk, we listen (and ask questions)

Our goal is to identify all your uncomfortable, nagging money issues and provide specific solutions that get rid of them.

Step 3

We present a proposal that we’ll review together

We’ll explain your options, all of which are tailored to your unique needs, looming fears, and ambitions. You won’t need an accounting degree or a personality change to understand them, we’ll break it down, so everything makes sense.

We don’t do high-pressure sales because we don’t have to. The onboarding experience will inform you what it’s like to work with us.

Step 4

Meet Your Team

Assuming we move forward together, we’ll have another call where you’ll meet your business’s new financial team, plus the managers who oversee them. This begins our relationship, and we’ll let you know what information we need to get you organized.

Step 5

Build a Roadmap

We do this step when and if you’re ready sometime in the future. The idea being, the more money you acquire, the more decisions you have to make around taxes and how to use those earnings (and savings). Again, all road maps look different since every client has unique needs and an individual vision for their lives. Ultimately, we want you to be the kind of business person who has money to move around. Your Roadmap is how we plan and track that progression.